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With nearly 250 members and new members arriving weekly, Southern Missionary Baptist Church (SMBC) located in Syracuse, New York, is a National Baptist Convention, USA affiliated Missionary Baptist Church with a predominantly African American constituency.

Opportunities for Christian Education include: Weekly New Membersí Classes, Weekly Noonday Bible Study and Weekly Evening Adult Bible Study, Annual Vacation Bible School, Annual Christian Education Retreat, Monthly Sunday School Teachersí Training, Weekly Sunday School Classes for all ages, Annual Leadership Retreat, Monthly Deaconsí and Trusteesí Training and periodical workshops and seminars.

The Music Ministries of SMBC exist to accompany and enhance the praise component of our worship service. The choirs include a variety of traditional Gospel, contemporary Gospel, spirituals, and hymns in the music chosen. The Mass Choir and several other choirs rehearse and work diligently to provide dynamic music that presents the Gospel in song.

Learned, prophetic, challenging, and inspiring sermons come from the pulpit at all times. Christian Education sustains all of our ministries, and our church is family oriented. Therefore, we welcome you to the SMBC family where Jesus is Lord and making disciples motivates our every action!

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