Inez Boutwell

Inez Boutwell current President of the Nurse's Guild and present President of the Southernettes Choir. Inez Boutwell has been the President of the Nurse's Guild of Southern Missionary Baptist Church for over 20 years. She also has been President of the Southernettes Choir for the past 4 years. She enjoys helping others in the church including members of our congregation and her community. When her calling came to sing in the Southernettes she became a member of the Southrenettes Choir since 2015.


Kenia Deleon Head of the Youth Ministry at Southern Missionary Baptist. Purpose: Youth Ministry is designed to provide a safe place for the next generation to grow and mature into tomorrow's leaders. We desire to meet our children at every level of their development. We understand that the seeds we sow in their hearts today will greatly affect their walk with Christ in adulthood.

deacon Hill

Deacon Marvin Hill Chairman of the Deacon Board of Southern Missioanry Baptist Church. Deacon Ministry Purpose: The Deacon Ministry assists the Pastor in serving the entire church family and community in a godly manner and in developing a more Christ-like congregation in ministry, as proclaimed by God

mary hudosn

Sister Mary Hudson Head of Christian Education Purpose: The Board of Christian Education Ministry oversees the total educational program of the Church by providing programs, resources, and supervision to ensure that members are continually sharpened in their discipleship




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